Monday, 1 July 2019

Summer/Winter Sale on Smashwords!

Happy Summer, folks in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Winter, folks in the Southern Hemisphere!

A HUGE free and deeply discounted sale is going on right now at Smashwords Online Bookstore from July 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019.

Writewood Creations authors have some super reads enrolled in the promotion:

The Jilting by Catherine Lloyd is available for FREE!

And to launch Edwardian Lovers Trilogy - The Killer's Son is available for FREE!

Off Limits by Evelyn Ellis is available for FREE!

How to get your free book?

1. Click on the Smashwords link above
2. Search for the Catherine Lloyd title or the Evelyn Ellis title (or both--be greedy!)
3. Readers will receive the discount automatically by adding your book to their cart.

Once you're there, stay and shop around! Great titles in  many genres for next to nothing (or nothing!)

Enjoy the heat!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Edwardian Romance Novellas

Catherine Lloyd’s Edwardian Lovers Trilogy explores the intertwined fates of three families affected by a murder three years earlier. Set in a charming English village at the start of the “Gilded Age,” high society was controlled by strictly defined rules governing interaction between the sexes. Rules that are no match for three determined young lovers. Inspired by the hit television series, Downton Abbey, the trilogy contains warm love scenes written for a mature audience.

The Killer's Son  Find it on Amazon for Sale (0.99) or in Kindle Unlimited until February 2019

Disgraced Eden Mowbray arrives in Hertfordshire to spend the summer at her family’s country estate after exposing herself to gossip in London. As the son of a convicted killer, Wulfric Chaucer, her brother’s best friend, is even more of a social pariah. With everyone they know still in London for the Season, Wulf and Eden are thrown together and complicate matters even further by falling in love. With her parents strongly against a union with the son of a killer, Eden is faced with giving up a life of wealth and privilege, or giving up the love of her life.

 The Vicar's Son Find it on Amazon for Sale (0.99) or in Kindle Unlimited until February 2019

Toller Lawton has something Isolde Chaucer wants—a plan to get rich in the Yukon gold fields. The vicar’s son drinks too much, is rude and reckless but she’d put up with a lot to escape England and her family’s disgrace. However, Toller doesn’t agree his best friend’s sister is the sort of woman who can handle the wild lifestyle of the Klondike. She’s too prissy. She’d probably faint if she saw a man in his long underwear. When the vicar's reprobate son accidentally compromises Isolde’s reputation, she seizes the opportunity to convince Toller that she’s exactly the sort of woman who can handle wild men—beginning with him.

The Earl's Son Find it on Amazon for Sale (0.99) or in Kindle Unlimited until March 2019

Perdita Pollicott has few choices open to her in life when she arrives in Hertfordshire and meets the Earl’s son, Nash Mowbray. She’s going to marry a missionary and Nash Mowbray—well Mr. Mowbray can go to the very devil for all she cares. A sentiment they both agree on until Perdita is asked to read to the soldier who suffers from headaches since his return from the Boer War. Locked in with his private demons, Nash is shut down physically and emotionally until one night, caught in a lightning storm with Miss Pollicott, the Earl’s son crosses the line.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New Release! Sizzling Elizabethan Romance

Whew! The newest release in Catherine Lloyd's My Guilty Pleasure Series had us *ahem* chasing down our husbands....


For Sale on Amazon (2.99) or Read it in Kindle Unlimited

Avery Weller is a player who flouts the law that forbids women on the stage. Her nemesis is Lord Nicholas Blackstone, Master of the Revels, a soulless bureaucrat who wields royal power over London’s theaters and has been hunting her for months. His pursuit is driving her into the poorhouse, until one day the handsome lord makes her an astonishing offer: fifteen pounds in exchange for becoming his brother’s companion.

Nicholas Blackstone has a stunning secret living in his attic at Blackstone Hall. His adopted brother, Sir James, is the last Tudor prince, grandson of Henry VIII and heir to Queen Elizabeth’s throne. A royal lineage so explosive, that Blackstone has been keeping James from society, waiting for the moment to announce his claim. But as his twenty-first birthday approaches, James is becoming restless. Driven by ambition, Nicholas takes an extreme step to bind the Tudor prince to him—offering up the girl he has secretly admired for months—Avery Weller.

FUN FACTS: A pound in the Elizabethan era was worth approximately four hundred dollars in today’s currency, and punishments for relatively minor crimes in Elizabethan England were horrendous and impossible to exaggerate!

Monday, 7 May 2018

Fantasy Romance for Mother's Day

Historical Fantasy Romance at an Introductory Price for Moms!

Sale ends May 30th. Do not delay downloading your copy of The Maiden Bride for this limited time offer of only 0.99! (Reg retail price is 2.99 and Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited)

Endicott heirs have always taken Stark maidens for their brides. 

A blood oath forged eight centuries ago promised Helen Stark to Lord Weathersky Endicott in marriage from the day she was born. A poor girl with few prospects, the sinister implications of the ancient alliance are lost on Helen. The nineteen-year-old orphan bride-to-be arrives at Cragmoore Castle eager to meet her betrothed, sensibly trading love for the security of an arranged marriage.

Weathersky has other ideas—and a secret power. The handsome and brilliant Endicott heir is a warlock who has mastery over everything but love. He craves unlocking its secrets but he never will if he enters into a loveless marriage. The warlock has been studying arcane texts, seeking to break the oath and escape his fate. 

But eight hundred years of supernatural rule is not easy to overthrow. Weathersky finds he is drawn to Miss Stark to the point of passion. Is what he feels when he is alone with the maiden bride love or mere magic? Their wedding is in three days and Helen becomes more desirable with each passing hour. The blood oath is calling to him....
The Maiden Bride is the third title in Catherine Lloyd’s My Guilty Pleasure series, standalone historical romances of emotionally-charged forbidden love. The novel contains scenes, language and themes intended for a mature audience. 
Heat Level: Warm to Spicy 

My Guilty Pleasure Series Titles

The Pirate Lord     The Dark Regent

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Kindle eBook Sale for St. Patrick's Day!

We have our green on all this week!

And to celebrate, The Dark Regent is on sale March 15 to March 22 on for $0.99! (reg. price $2.99) This is a Kindle Countdown Deal that you won't want to miss.

A forbidden love more powerful than either of them.

Eighteen-year-old Fawn Heathcote resisted her uncle’s advances for as long as she dared. Captain Crispin Wolfe, the rakish half-brother of Fawn’s aunt, became obsessed with his niece-by-marriage from their first meeting. From the moment he moved into the London mansion, he’s had one aim in mind—to bed her. Night after night, the captain visits her bedchamber, in the hope of being admitted. Fawn has always refused. Until one night, Wolfe arrives to deliver a devastating message and she realizes only her tormentor can save her. Fawn’s resistance to Crispin’s seduction gradually breaks down under his protection and, caught in his web, she soon discovers a secret side to her captor.

The Dark Regent is the second title in Catherine Lloyd’s My Guilty Pleasure series, standalone historical romances of emotionally-charged dark forbidden love. The novel contains scenes, language and themes intended for a mature audience. Sensitive readers are strongly cautioned.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sizzling Historical Romance

Announcing the My Guilty Pleasure Collection

Here is what the reader can expect:

  1. Standalone novels that don't require a commitment to a long series--one and done
  2. Emotionally intense historical fiction. Addictive (betcha can't read just one)
  3. A variety of settings and situations to explore those oh-so-familiar romantic tropes we adore. 
  4. Great price. 2.99 or read it in Kindle Unlimited (KU)
  5. Page-turning (not door-stopping) plots. 
  6. Heroines who are neither feisty nor passive but real women who have a major problem on their hands.
  7. Heroes who are neither alpha nor beta but real men who were doing just fine until she came along.

My Guilty Pleasure Titles

Buy it on Amazon
New! Buy it on Amazon or KU Borrow

More to come in 2018! Happy Valentine's Day and good reading!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Smashwords 2017 Summer Sale Blowout

Cottage, beach, lake or mountain or even backyard pool--it is summer in the northern hemisphere and we don't know about you guys, but we're clocking off early. We don't have the time or money to go on vacation, so we're taking a staycation.  We're hitting the patio with a stack of ebooks, a pitcher of sangria (the friendliest way to consume cheap wine) and letting the stress melt away. Click on the link below to be taken to Smashwords Sale Page for Romance titles and shop till you drop!

July Summer/Winter Sale on Smashwords!

TONS of eBooks are deeply discounted or free on Smashwords throughout July. The selection is massive. Try out genres you've always been curious about but couldn't afford to indulge. Twenty bucks will buy you a lot of ebooks that are yours to keep.

Smashwords sells ebooks in all digital formats for ereaders of all stripes--even the older models are supported and the customer service is outstanding. 

Catherine Lloyd titles on sale:

(Click on the title to be taken to the sale page)

N J Dorrian titles on sale: 

(Click on the title to be taken to the sale page)

Snap up Girl on a Wire for $1.50 (reg. $2.99)