Victorian Villains Saga

Historical Romance with Gothic Overtones....

"What is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh..." 
Four villainous fathers drowned at sea curse their four sons with greed, murder, lust and pride.

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Shy, stammering Clara Hamilton is shocked when her father announces her betrothal to a cousin she barely knows. Branson Hamilton is handsome, avaricious and rumoured to be unstable. Clara, anxious for her father’s approval, agrees to the union unaware of what is at stake. A sinister family secret surfaces and Clara soon discovers that master of Windemere Hall has a dark revenge in store when she enters into his power.

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 Laura Mayhew is the only witness to a sex scandal at Windsor Castle and is committed to Gateshead Insane Asylum to discredit her story. Tanner Caine, a cold, solitary and emotionally damaged ex-naval officer is tasked with silencing the girl permanently. Laura has the gift of second sight and she has been expecting an assassin for months but Tanner insists he’s only there to help. Haunted in her dreams by a baby’s cries, Laura decides to trust the dangerous Mr. Caine to escape the asylum and find the missing royal infant. When she is compelled into marriage to obtain her release, Laura discovers Tanner Caine is the one man whose thoughts she cannot read. And it is possible she has married her assassin.

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Jenny Raine, the bookish 19-year-old widow of Sir Richard Raine, is shattered to learn that a distant cousin, Jackson Zephyr, has inherited Cliff House. Jenny was engaged as Sir Richard’s secretary before their marriage and will be homeless if she is evicted from the estate. But the handsome new master is unmoved by her plight. Zephyr is a career thief who has his eye on one prize: stolen gold from a long-ago heist that was hidden on the property. When his predecessor’s beautiful, strange widow thwarts his plans, Jackson applies pressure to break Jenny’s will and she is forced to reveal a shameful secret. The knowledge gives him power over the young woman until a sinister threat arises that pushes them into a passionate alliance.

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Connor Black’s efforts to fight his father’s curse by taking work as a lighthouse keeper are derailed when a young woman washes up on shore, the victim of a shipwreck. Suffering from amnesia, Emily Axelrod is glad to take refuge with the reserved but beautiful Connor Black. Soon her rescuer becomes her all-in-all and his lust for her is equally all-consuming. Emily welcomes his passion until she discovers she bears an uncanny resemblance to a girl from Connor’s past. A girl named Alice who died under mysterious circumstances.

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The inspiration for Catherine Lloyd's Victorian Villains Saga came from the gothic romance novels she devoured as a kid. Phyllis A. Whitney, Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier masterfully combined suspense, the supernatural and romance without the use of vampires. The setting is 1867 Victorian England, an exotic time of science, exploration, high drama and passionate romance on stage and in books. The villains were psychologically fascinating. And kind of sexy.... HEAT LEVEL: These are steamy romances containing scenes, language and themes written for a mature audience. 

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