Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Is it hot in here or is it January?

After an unseasonably mild December, we are back in the deep freeze. Writewood Creations has the space heater plugged in and hot chocolate in the coffee pot.

Freshly published today and available for $2.99 at Amazon, Smashwords (all formats) and coming soon to Kobo and B&N:

Buy it on Amazon: The Storm and Doctor Dixon

Buy it on Smashwords: The Storm and Doctor Dixon

Eagle-eyed readers who can spot the difference between the Amazon blurb and the Smashwords blurb will win a free copy of the ebook. There was a last minute change at the time of publishing that did not make it to all retailers. We decided to make a game of it--how many readers will notice? If you can spot it, use the contact form to the right and let us know. A free ebook (via a coupon to be redeemed at Smashwords to allow you the format of your choice) will be yours!

Happy 2016 and best wishes from Writewood Creations!