Thursday, 25 June 2015

The KU Effect on a Small Publisher

Amazon announced a new royalty plan to its Kindle Unlimited/Select Program. Authors are paid for the number of pages a borrower reads. It's fair and reasonable for everyone, unless you write short fiction, in which case it's a scramble to adapt.

The nature of Erotica is that it does not write "long" but its writers are flexible and open to change. Evelyn Ellis's short stories have been bundled like chocolates on a rainy day into Forbidden Fruit - Five stories of taboo erotica. Simon Graystoke's Niece is now one novella and ditto for His Wife's Little Sister.

The good news is we won't break the bank on stock images for individual titles. The bad news is it will take a little longer to see a new release.

Catherine Lloyd's contemporary romance titles will be joining the Kindle Unlimited family in July while Traitor will be leaving it.

Personally, we like the new royalty structure. It's like boot camp for authors. We believe some overlooked gems will start making a living while some over-hyped tomes will waste away. At the end of the day, it'll likely put a stop to the flood of scamlets being published.

Due out at the end of June is Evelyn Ellis's Victorian Games.
Victorian parlour games take a taboo twist when disguises are the means to forbidden couplings, seduction and surrender. The Secret Society of Sensualists was introduced in Simon Graystoke’s Niece. Lord Carrington receives the shock of his life when a night of Viking role-playing opens the door to an erotic adventure with a mysterious young woman. The Secret Life of a Puritan introduces a young American husband to carnal delight with a surprising partner and Night of the Pantomime leads to a taboo night of bliss for one unlikely couple.

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