Monday, 2 November 2015

Fresh, Hot Releases!

Halloween has passed over leaving candy in its wake. Put your feet up and dive into two steamy romantic reads from Evelyn Ellis and Catherine Lloyd. These stories are hot enough to burn off those calories we've ingested this weekend.

SOLDIER - A Medieval Christmas Story
Two stories. Two amoral men. Two women who love them. Set in 13th Century England at Christmas, a time of sex, love, danger, and redemption. In Mercenary, Broderick is a soldier who takes what he wants until tragedy strikes. In Jester, Dumas is a hunchback whose perverse passion for his young female assistant takes an unexpected turn.
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MY BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND - a sensual supernatural romance
When the dead don’t pass over, there are disturbingly erotic encounters with the living as Violet Rayburn discovers when her best friend’s boyfriend is killed. Alive, Ricky Dillinger didn’t seem to notice her, except on the race track. Dead, the biker won’t leave her alone. A short erotic ghost story, 26 pages, for 0.99.
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