Saturday, 19 December 2015

Hot New Release!

Revisit the good old days when everything was forbidden. Three stories of three young women “losing it” in a time when nice girls saved it for marriage. The collection is part of Evelyn Ellis’s Historical First Time Forbidden Series, short stories and novellas of taboo couplings and lost innocence.
~ Satisfy Me ~ Tempt Me ~ Release Me 
Available on Amazon only until February 4, 2016
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January Release: 
The Storm and Doctor Dixon
Lucy Dixon is locked out of the house after returning home from a disappointing evening in London’s West End. Her stepfather, the eminent Doctor Joel Dixon is fortunately still awake despite the late hour, to admit her. A fierce storm has the city in its grip and Dr. Dixon is on the brink of a breakthrough in his research. With his wife away, he asks Lucy to assist him in his laboratory. He has an experiment he would like to perform on her. The nature of her stepfather’s work has always been a mystery to Lucy, but it is midnight, they are alone and she is willing to learn. What she discovers transforms her forever. A Victorian Seduction and Surrender Novella

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