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Hey! 2017 called and they want their book.

Happy New Year to our beloved readers! We are back! Recovering from the onslaught that is Christmas and back at the keyboard to bring in the final book in the Victorian Villains Saga ~ Wracker's Cove.

From Catherine Lloyd:

"I have a good excuse for the two week delay in launching Wracker's Cove. I had to stop work for a week in October and then again in November to watch my grandsons while their parents dealt with unforeseen scheduling issues. My mother-in-law did it for me when my kids were small and now I do it for my kids. Consequently, Wracker's Cove was pushed back to January 13 for release. I know it'll be worth the wait for followers of this saga. It's a nail-biter, bringing the four sons together to break the curse together or die trying."

"What is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh..."

Connor Black’s efforts to fight his father’s curse by taking work as a lighthouse keeper are derailed when a young woman washes up on shore, the victim of a shipwreck. Suffering from amnesia, Emily Axelrod is glad to take refuge with the reserved but beautiful Connor Black. Soon her rescuer becomes her all-in-all and his lust for her is equally all-consuming. Emily welcomes his passion until she discovers she bears an uncanny resemblance to a girl from Connor’s past. A girl named Alice who died under mysterious circumstances.

2017 book sales and release news

January 9-16: Windemere Hall goes on sale for 0.99 from $3.99. Depending on your time zone, the sale may appear on the 10th but the price will hold until the 16th. Or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited. Reviews are gladly accepted! (especially if you enjoyed the story ☺)

January 13-21: Launch of Wracker's Cove at 0.99 (reg. price is $3.99). Buy it for a song or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited until April. And please do leave a brief review if possible. We know it's a pain at times to analyze a book after we've just finished it. Amazon is good at prodding us to leave reviews because honest opinions (even negative ones) help customers make good choices and lessens disappointment. It's a grassroots word-of-mouth and quite democratic so many thanks for participating!

January-February Kindle Unlimited Titles: Readers will have noticed that some of the novella-length installments of Victorian Villains Saga are no longer available in Kindle Unlimited. The titles listed below are exiting Kindle Unlimited throughout January and February but will be available for sale at 0.99.

Betrothed, Betrayed, Beguiled ~ Windemere Hall Trilogy
Hidden in the Shadows, Whispers in the Fog, Revealed in the Mist ~ Mark of Caine Trilogy
Love Torn, Love Lost, Love Conquered ~ The Master of Cliff House Trilogy

The trilogies have been compiled into full length books. Windemere Hall, Mark of Caine are available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited until February 28thThe Master of Cliff House is available until February 18th. Wracker's Cove will be available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited until April 15th. 

Victorian Villains Saga will be available at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play and Smashwords in March 2017.

Coming in 2017....

From Catherine Lloyd: 

After research and wrangling with seductive characters and plot lines demanding to be told, Catherine Lloyd has pitched us a Scottish historical romance that is different from any Scottish historical romance we've ever read. There are no bare-chested Highlanders for one thing.

The premise is two young people from warring clans who are given in marriage as part of a peace treaty. They seriously dislike each other and as she is only seventeen and he is not much older, they decide to pretend to have consummated the union to get their warring parents off their backs. 

When forces greater than themselves drive the teenagers to defend their home, they come to depend upon each other, transforming to wary allies in a world gone mad, but one in which they have carved out a measure of freedom and would rather die than give it up. 

The story is in the planning stages as a trilogy and don't expect to find hot sex scenes in the first book, Catherine warns. Given their age and genuine dislike they have for each other (as only teenagers can) their love story has a rocky beginning. The author has not revealed if they succeed in their quest to find happiness, peace and true love. Do they survive? She won't say.

Title is TBA. Watch this space or follow Catherine Lloyd on Amazon or Smashwords to be apprised of new releases.

From Evelyn Ellis:

Whew! What a year it has been for our friend, Evelyn. She is woefully behind with her promised Man of the House sequels, but she has submitted the first chapters of Man of the House Pays a Call and it is enticing. So much so that we have locked her in the office in front of the computer to get it finished. 

Here is a brief glimpse:

THE GRISLY death of the first girl was put down to a lovers’ quarrel but when the second body turned up with the same dreadful disembowelment, Chief Inspector Wax began to look for a serial killer.
   Molly Knight listened with only half-an ear to Sir Blackwell’s morning ritual of reading the newspaper. He was particularly fond of the broadsheets and Penny Dreadful for his tastes ran to the lurid and sensational. She absently addressed the issue of young Reginald’s table manners with a gentle rebuke that would be ignored by the eleven-year-old monster. The boy was permitted to rule the roost since his mother died; with only a feeble-minded auntie and a tippling nurse to discipline him. His father was too important and too busy to take an interest in his son. As Sir Hugo Blackwell liked to say, he had hired women to do that for him.
   Molly’s current position as governess to a mean little brute made her nostalgic for the schoolroom in the Jekyll house on Harrington Street. She wondered how Peter and Millicent were getting along. They too had lost their mother and endured an absent father.
   But Molly would not return to Dr. Jekyll’s employ. Not after what she had witnessed and what he had done to her when he was under the influence of Mr. Hyde. She knew he was not wholly responsible and her participation in the experiment took some of the blame off his shoulders.
   Molly struggled to further validate her reasons for abandoning him so soon after Felicity was killed and found she could not. There was one reason—a simple one. She had fallen in love with Dr. Jekyll but he would only make love to her when he was the vile Mr. Hyde.
   Hyde needed her, craved her, desired her above all else but it was Jekyll she wanted. Sadly, Dr. Jekyll only wanted Molly to use the power she had over Hyde to control the beast he had within.
   It was all very psychological and complicated. It gave Molly a headache. One thing was clear: Jekyll was experimenting with his potion again and Hyde had re-emerged.
   The deaths in Hyde Park were his calling card.
   “Who the devil is that?” grumbled Sir Hugo from behind his paper.
   Molly followed her employer’s stare. Outside the window, on the pavement across the street, a man in a long black cloak and wearing a top hat was pacing to and fro.

Set in 1879 London, England. The Man of the House Pays a Call is the second novella in a trilogy about the wholesome Dr. Jekyll and his depraved alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. Molly Knight has left the employment of Dr. Jekyll after the tragic death of his wife, Felicity. The nineteen-year-old governess has accepted a position with noted Egyptologist, Sir Hugo Blackwell. Her nightmares have just begun to subside when attacks are reported in Hyde Park. Molly suspects that Dr. Jekyll had been experimenting again and reawakened the notorious Mr. Hyde. Added to her problems is the anxiety caused by her new employer when a sarcophagus at the museum is found opened and its contents have gone missing.

The Man of the House series will be available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited in 2017 and on sale for 0.99 for a limited time. Check out The Man of the House (soon to be in Kindle Unlimited) or buy it for $2.99 if you really cannot wait. 

And that's all we have for now! Weight loss for 2016 was 10 pounds and holding. Yippee! Go hungry, ladies. It works. Feeling just a tiny bit deprived is a good thing. It doesn't last long and the pounds come off without exercise. (Office Resolution for 2017: take a daily walk and work on core strength.)

Wishing our readers a joyous 2017 and when trouble comes (as it inevitably will) remember this too shall pass. 

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