Saturday, 27 May 2017

New Historical Romance Release! Arrrrg--Pirates!

The Pirate Lord 

A new Historical Romance novel for Kindle by Catherine Lloyd launches today at 2.99 and is available to read in Kindle Unlimited! (Fair warning, this special launch price ends in June so get it while you can.) CLICK this link to BUY or BORROW through Kindle Unlimited.

Wow, this book was fun to read and check out the gorgeous cover by Stunning Book Covers. So inspirational! We were swept away to Cornwall and an Atlantic Ocean crossing aboard the Black Adder. Here's a brief synopsis of this racy pirate romance novel: 

THE PIRATE LORD ~ Aristocrat. Rogue. Spy.

A curate's daughter with an iron will to survive. A ruthless pirate with a secret identity. Bronwyn Barlow and Captain Jon Stag clash wills aboard the Black Adder. With the life of Bronwyn's little brother at stake, a deal is struck--join the pirate captain in his bed at six bells each night that the Black is at sea. Set against the backdrop of a mad king and a revolutionary war in a far-off land, Bronwyn and Jon enter into a passionate world of discovery that leads to love and heartbreaking separation. 

The Pirate Lord is a standalone full-length novel and it is definitely on the steamy side so be warned: this ain't your grandmother's romance (although some of those were quite shocking...). The love story is intense, as we've come to expect from Miss Lloyd. We hope Bronwyn and Jon steal your hearts (a pirate pun!) as swiftly as they stole ours.

Happy reading!

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