Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Retiring from Romance Adieu!

I'll begin by saying a heartfelt thank you to the amazingly vibrant romance reading community. Thank you for the years of feedback, messages, reviews (good and bad), steady sales, and the room to explore a world of dark and troubled lovers.

After a fun, hectic and adventurous five years, I'm retiring. Romance is a joy to write but to remain in the black, an author has to produce a lot of books in a short space of time.

I was mulling over my next series idea when I realized I wasn't interested in writing it. When I don't care about my subject, writing becomes a chore. Cranking out books for the sake of sales isn't for me. I thought the joy would come back, but so far it hasn't. My last romance (The Earl's Son) was published in December 2018.

Catherine Lloyd is my pen name. Unfortunately, it is the real name of a mystery author in the UK. I'm sure she was as dismayed by the mix-up as I was. Retiring is the right thing to do for that reason alone. 

It's bittersweet saying good-bye to this genre. It has given me so much in the past five years and that's because of the readers. You have renewed my confidence in my writing, provided me with a small income to keep writing and offered critical feedback. No wonder romance readers are the engine of the publishing world. 

I love you all. I thank you all. Good bye and God bless!

Catherine Lloyd


Well, folks--that's the end of Writewood Creations. We will be closing up shop. Evelyn Ellis retired in 2017 and with Catherine Lloyd sailing off into the sunset, we are going to do the same.

It's been a blast. Thank you to Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo, Smashwords, and Google Play for creating platforms for small publishers to reach readers. 

We had the time of our lives and we owe it all to you....

Writewood Creations

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