Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sizzling Historical Romance

Announcing the My Guilty Pleasure Collection

Here is what the reader can expect:

  1. Standalone novels that don't require a commitment to a long series--one and done
  2. Emotionally intense historical fiction. Addictive (betcha can't read just one)
  3. A variety of settings and situations to explore those oh-so-familiar romantic tropes we adore. 
  4. Great price. 2.99 or read it in Kindle Unlimited (KU)
  5. Page-turning (not door-stopping) plots. 
  6. Heroines who are neither feisty nor passive but real women who have a major problem on their hands.
  7. Heroes who are neither alpha nor beta but real men who were doing just fine until she came along.

My Guilty Pleasure Titles

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More to come in 2018! Happy Valentine's Day and good reading!

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