Monday, 3 December 2018

Edwardian Romance Novellas

Catherine Lloyd’s Edwardian Lovers Trilogy explores the intertwined fates of three families affected by a murder three years earlier. Set in a charming English village at the start of the “Gilded Age,” high society was controlled by strictly defined rules governing interaction between the sexes. Rules that are no match for three determined young lovers. Inspired by the hit television series, Downton Abbey, the trilogy contains warm love scenes written for a mature audience.

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Disgraced Eden Mowbray arrives in Hertfordshire to spend the summer at her family’s country estate after exposing herself to gossip in London. As the son of a convicted killer, Wulfric Chaucer, her brother’s best friend, is even more of a social pariah. With everyone they know still in London for the Season, Wulf and Eden are thrown together and complicate matters even further by falling in love. With her parents strongly against a union with the son of a killer, Eden is faced with giving up a life of wealth and privilege, or giving up the love of her life.

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Toller Lawton has something Isolde Chaucer wants—a plan to get rich in the Yukon gold fields. The vicar’s son drinks too much, is rude and reckless but she’d put up with a lot to escape England and her family’s disgrace. However, Toller doesn’t agree his best friend’s sister is the sort of woman who can handle the wild lifestyle of the Klondike. She’s too prissy. She’d probably faint if she saw a man in his long underwear. When the vicar's reprobate son accidentally compromises Isolde’s reputation, she seizes the opportunity to convince Toller that she’s exactly the sort of woman who can handle wild men—beginning with him.

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Perdita Pollicott has few choices open to her in life when she arrives in Hertfordshire and meets the Earl’s son, Nash Mowbray. She’s going to marry a missionary and Nash Mowbray—well Mr. Mowbray can go to the very devil for all she cares. A sentiment they both agree on until Perdita is asked to read to the soldier who suffers from headaches since his return from the Boer War. Locked in with his private demons, Nash is shut down physically and emotionally until one night, caught in a lightning storm with Miss Pollicott, the Earl’s son crosses the line.

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