Monday, 25 April 2016

Mark of Caine - Hidden in the Shadows

Hey ladies! (and gents ... we know you're out there...)

We picked up a copy of Lost Island by Phyllis A. Whitney, published in 1970 in its original jacket from a used book sale. It now has a prominent place in the office to remind us of what we loved so much about this romance sub-genre. Good writing, skilled plotting and a breathtaking love story. She was the master!

The first installment of Mark of Caine hits the shelves on May 2nd. An Amazon exclusive! Do not let the length dismay you. It is about 2 chapters shorter than originally planned because Catherine Lloyd suffered a shoulder injury during the writing and was forced to shorten the first installment to do physiotherapy. 

BUT! We've read the next two episodes and they more than make up the difference. Trust us. This complex love story will keep you up at night. 

Have a great May!

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