Saturday, 7 May 2016

New Evelyn Ellis Gothic Romance Release!

Evelyn Ellis has started a brand new series centered on Dr. Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr. Hyde. The series is published as a Victorian Seduction and Surrender title but we wrestled with the category.

Erotica? No, this series doesn't contain erotica although there are steamy love scenes.
Romance? Well, yes, there is a romantic relationship developing between the governess, Molly Knight and her employer, Dr. Jekyll but it happens through his proxy, the nasty Mr. Hyde.
Paranormal? Well, he does transform after drinking a serum....
Confused? Welcome to our world. Sometimes romance just refuses to be boxed in. The heart wants what the heart wants. We decided to call it a Victorian Erotic Romance and leave it at that.

The Man of the House is launched! Available in Kindle Unlimited until August, 2016 or for purchase on Amazon for $2.99.

Set in 1879 London, England. The Man of the House is the first novella in a series about the wholesome Dr. Jekyll and his depraved alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. Orphaned at a young age and raised in workhouses and foundling homes, nineteen-year-old Molly Knight takes a position in the household of Dr. Jekyll and his wife, Felicity, as governess to their two young children. Molly senses something is not quite right in the Jekyll household and is soon drawn into a sensual forbidden relationship with the evil Mr. Hyde when she discovers Dr. Jekyll’s hidden laboratory. When Felicity Jekyll goes missing, Molly must choose between her secret love for Dr. Jekyll and the rescue of his wife.

More novellas in the series are forthcoming. Expect lots of heat, tension, danger, and yummy romance as Molly and Dr. Jekyll strive to maintain a professional relationship even as Mr. Hyde pushes for something more.

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