Friday, 8 April 2016

Victorian Villains ... the story continues!

Mark of Caine Trilogy

Book One: Hidden the Shadows

Laura Mayhew is the only witness to a sex scandal at Windsor Castle and is swiftly dispatched to Gateshead Insane Asylum. But the girl won’t stop babbling about a stolen baby and the Princess Louise and her mad tale is beginning to attract attention. Queen Victoria summons Tanner Caine to deal with the problem. The brilliant, solitary and emotionally damaged ex-naval officer is tasked with silencing the girl, but first he must break her out of the asylum and win her trust. Laura Mayhew has been expecting a man like Tanner Caine for some time and she has her own agenda for the ruthless Mr. Caine—if she can just stay alive long enough to see it through. 

Mark of Caine is the second book in Catherine Lloyd’s Victorian Villains Gothic Romance Serials, gothic romance novels set in 1867 Victorian England. 

Fans of Victorian Villains Windemere Hall Trilogy will be drawn in by Tanner Caine and his mysterious connection to Laura Mayhew. Catherine Lloyd's most passionate love story yet.

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