Monday, 7 May 2018

Fantasy Romance for Mother's Day

Historical Fantasy Romance at an Introductory Price for Moms!

Sale ends May 30th. Do not delay downloading your copy of The Maiden Bride for this limited time offer of only 0.99! (Reg retail price is 2.99 and Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited)

Endicott heirs have always taken Stark maidens for their brides. 

A blood oath forged eight centuries ago promised Helen Stark to Lord Weathersky Endicott in marriage from the day she was born. A poor girl with few prospects, the sinister implications of the ancient alliance are lost on Helen. The nineteen-year-old orphan bride-to-be arrives at Cragmoore Castle eager to meet her betrothed, sensibly trading love for the security of an arranged marriage.

Weathersky has other ideas—and a secret power. The handsome and brilliant Endicott heir is a warlock who has mastery over everything but love. He craves unlocking its secrets but he never will if he enters into a loveless marriage. The warlock has been studying arcane texts, seeking to break the oath and escape his fate. 

But eight hundred years of supernatural rule is not easy to overthrow. Weathersky finds he is drawn to Miss Stark to the point of passion. Is what he feels when he is alone with the maiden bride love or mere magic? Their wedding is in three days and Helen becomes more desirable with each passing hour. The blood oath is calling to him....
The Maiden Bride is the third title in Catherine Lloyd’s My Guilty Pleasure series, standalone historical romances of emotionally-charged forbidden love. The novel contains scenes, language and themes intended for a mature audience. 
Heat Level: Warm to Spicy 

My Guilty Pleasure Series Titles

The Pirate Lord     The Dark Regent

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